Our History

Enerworks Inc. was formed in 1998 to expand on the impact the solar industry was beginning to make on the environment. As the need grew, Enerworks developed a novel way to use solar energy to heat water for homes and businesses. Enerworks developed this technology in partnership with Queens University of Kingston, Ontario and they quickly grew to be a leader in the Solar Thermal Industry. Enerworks focused on building an appliance that was easy for home owners and businesses to install and manage.

In November 2006 Enerworks became the first manufacturer in the solar thermal industry in North America to receive the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) stamp of approval for its products. The system also received the U.S. Solar Rating and Certification Corporation’s SRCC OG-100 certification, having achieved the highest per-unit area energy rating compared to all other certified technologies.

In 2011, Enerworks merged with Proterra Solar. Proterra Solar supplied and distributed vacuum tube solar thermal collectors across North America. Powered with German made NARVA tubes, Proterra has one of the highest producing collectors in the market. Proterra Solar was also responsible for the largest solar heating and cooling installation in Canada.

Enerworks then became part of a group of companies that included a national distribution company, a construction management firm, retirement homes and other investments. This gave the team from Enerworks the financial stability and leadership they needed for success.

Besides the desire to build a great team, develop a strong industry and provide clean energy to the world. Enerworks proudly supports and is dedicated to Friends of the Orphans Canada. Friends of the Orphans is a group that provides to orphanages through South and Central America.