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RELEASE DATE: 08/04/15

Enerworks and Enersol Online Ordering:

Enerworks Inc. is pleased to announce its online ordering system is now available. Distributors, dealers and system owners can now order new systems or replacement components directly through This online portal ensures that the most current pricing and product descriptions are available and provides real time shipping quotes allowing faster order processing times. Currently the full line of Enersol Solar Pool Heaters, German Made S-Power Evacuated Tubes Collectors, Enerworks Flat Plate Collector, TYFOCOR L solar heat transfer fluid and many other items can be ordered through this website. Check back often as new products are being added frequently.


RELEASE DATE: 12/20/12

NEW SRCC™ OG-300 CERTIFICATIONS                                                                                                                          

Enerworks Inc. is proud to announce that it has been granted seven new SRCC™ OG-300 certifications for the SPECTRUM line of solar hot water packages with double wall heat exchangers.  Enerworks OG-300 certified solar hot water systems feature patented over heat protection to extend glycol life in addition to a patented back flush mechanism, which automatically cleans the heat exchanger every time hot water is used.  The addition of these OG-300 certifications will open up installation opportunities in regions which require double wall heat exchangers to meet local plumbing codes.   OG-300 certified systems are eligible for a variety of different rebates, a detailed list can be found at




Ontario, Canada – Enerworks Inc. has been selected as the first winner of the 2012 Intersolar North American Award.  Intersolar is the largest solar trade show in North America with shows also in Germany and Asia. Enerworks’ “Oxford Gardens Solar Project” was selected by a jury of experts for its innovations and excellence in solar thermal technology, system design and efficiency. The “Oxford Gardens Solar Project” located in Woodstock, Ontario, successfully integrates solar thermal cooling and solar thermal space, water and pool heating into one project.

“We are honored to win this award. All of us at Enerworks are excited and grateful to be selected by Intersolar,” Suni Ball, General Manager of Enerworks said. “The project is truly innovative and we’re very pleased it was recognized as one of the best solar installations in North America.”

The installation is currently Canada’s largest solar thermal heating and cooling project. This solar project provides the energy for the heating, cooling, domestic water and pool heating for the 5,594 sq. ft. facility. This highly efficient energy source will save the Oxford Gardens retirement community 40 percent of its annual cooling costs and up to 60 percent of its annual heating costs.

Solar thermal installations consist of solar thermal collectors on a roof, a control unit with a pump and a potable water storage tank. The collectors absorb the light from the sun and convert it into heat. This heat is transferred to a liquid which circulates through the collectors and down into the solar storage tank. The “Oxford Gardens Solar Project” has 162 solar collectors with a total of 3,240 evacuated tubes installed, covering approximately 526.5 square meters.

Enerworks Inc. is the first of three companies to receive an award for innovation and quality in the field of solar thermal technology at the 2012 Intersolar North America conference held in San Francisco, California.

Click here for more information about the “Oxford Gardens Solar Project”


Founded in 1998, Enerworks Inc. is located in Ontario and is a leading North American manufacturer and integrator of solar thermal equipment.

Product offerings include unglazed, glazed and evacuated tube solar thermal collectors along with fully integrated pump stations with built-in heat exchangers and controls.