Your Solar Thermal Solutions Provider

Whether your application is residential, commercial or industrial, Enerworks can offer an appropriately-sized, integrated solar water heating solution designed and optimized, top to bottom, to efficiently meet your needs. Enerworks offers the spectrum line of solar water heating products, including solar pool heating, suitable for applications in all climates; the freeze-protected spectrum residential and commercial water heating systems have been installed from Alaska to Florida, Arizona to Maine.

Our solar water heating solutions are affordable, cost competitive, environmentally friendly, and reliable alternatives that offer significant energy cost savings. Next to space heating and cooling, water heating is the largest single demand on home or business energy consumption.

By heating your water with renewable solar energy rather than finite fossil fuels, you will:

  • Lower your utility bills, year-round
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the environment

Discover how Enerworks Solar Systems can save you money!