Case Studies

Click on the links below to view information about the installed Solar Thermal System and to download a case study.



Arkink Farms Inc. – Woodstock, On CA

S-Power_Arkink_Farms_Inc Video

            Grassy-Lea Farms Ltd. – Woodstock, On CA

            S-Power_Grassy_Lea_Farms_Ltd Video



Maple Lane Dairy Farm Inc. – Woodstock, On CA

S-Power_Maple_Lane_Dairy_Farm_Inc Video



            Marjen Dairy Farm Inc. – Embro, On CA

            S-Power_Marjen_Dairy_Farm_Inc Video



Old Salem Dairy – Olar, SC United States

S-Power_Old_Salem_Dairy Live data



             Miller’s Dairy – Creemore, On CA

            S-Power_Millers_Dairy Live data




Cranbrooke Village – Toronto, On CA

Enerworks_Cranbrooke_Village Live data

        One Old Mill – Toronto, On CA

        Enerworks_One_Old_Mill Live data


Drake Landing Solar Community – Okotoks, AB CA

S-Power_Island_on_Lake_Of_The_Wood Live data



Cottage – Kenora, On CA

S-Power_Cottage_Installation Live data

                                          Island on Lake Of The Woods – Kenora, On CA

                                       S-Power_Island_on_Lake_Of_The_Wood Live data

Upscale Home – Tavistock, On CA

S-Power_Upscale_Home_Installation Video


Retirement Residence                                                                                                                                                

Oxford Gardens – Woodstock, On CA

Enerworks_Oxford_Gardens Video




Holiday Inn – Sunset Boulevard in Columbia

Confederation Place Hotel – Kingston, Ontario, Canada




Frito Lay – Lano Texas



Parks & Recreation                                                                                                                                                         

Pinery Provincial Park – Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada