In a typical household, water heating accounts for 25% of the energy used and produces an average of two tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. An Enerworks Spectrum or Focus Solar Water Heating System provides a clean, cost-effective alternative.

Heating your water with the renewable power of the sun offers significant economic and environmental savings. With increasing energy costs, it is one of the best ways you can save money on your utility bill. You’ll also be doing your part to reduce our dependence on foreign energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Enerworks is a leading solar technology provider. Its proven, patented technology offers a reliable all-season solar water heating system that will improve your home’s energy efficiency without compromising comfort. The Enerworks system is SRCC-rated and the first fully CSA-certified solar thermal system on the market. These certifications are vital in obtaining incentives, rebates, inspector approvals and proper insurance after the installation is complete.

Enerworks Solar Water Heating Systems are attractive, safe and reliable with minimal maintenance required over a long operational life. Installation is done by trained professionals and backed by a limited warranty. By choosing to have a solar water heating system installed in your home, you can also increase the property value of your home by decreasing utility operating costs.

The Enerworks Solar Water Heating System harnesses the sun’s energy to become your primary and practical source for hot water.  After installing your existing electric, natural gas, propane or oil hot water heater will function as an auxiliary heating source.

How it works diagram

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Solar Collectors – A

The absorber collects 95% of the sun’s energy

Reliable in all climates – freeze and overheat protection

The patented Stagnation Protection eliminates overheating

Mount on sloped- or flat-roof with faces, south facing walls or ground rack

Energy Pack – B

Mounts easily on any standard North American electric hot water tank which acts as a solar storage tank

The patented Passive Anti-Fouling Protection ensures performance and reliable operation of heat exchanger

Solar Storage Tank – C

Stores Solar Heated Water for household use

Standard two port electric hot water tank

Enerworks Green Solar Thermal Technology from Enerworks on Vimeo.

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The Enerworks Residential Solar Water Heating Systems are a clean, cost-effective solution to heat your water. Capturing the natural energy from the sun and converting it into energy that is used in your home every day. Converting to solar thermal installations means you will make a positive impact on the environment.

With increasing energy costs, solar water heating offers a way for you to save money on your utility bill. Our patented, proven technology offers a dependable, all-season product to improve your home’s energy efficiency without compromising comfort. With no harmful emissions, this system is the right choice for the environment.

  • Save money every month on your energy bill
  • Four-season realiability
  • Fast installation by trained professionals
  • Produces clean non-polluting energy
  • Increase your energy independence

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Solar Home Inspection

The solar panels need to be properly positioned on your home to maximize performance. An authorized dealer will visit your home to determine the best location to install your solar water heating system.

Professional Installation in a Day

An authorized dealer will deliver and install your solar water heating system when it is convenient for you. The installation involves mounting solar collectors to your roof or predetermined location and installing the Energy Pack. Installation normally takes a day and may vary due to site constraints.

Enjoy the Savings and Help the Environment

By installing a solar water heating system you will save money on your energy bill, improve your homes energy efficiency and contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing greenhouse gases.