Solar Hot Water Heating VS Propane Heating

Propane (LP Gas) has had a relatively stable price history over the last few years with the average price increase from 2009-2013 averaging 3.5%.  The recent extreme cold weather has created both a supply challenge with Propane (LP Gas) deliveries and a spike in the purchase cost with prices jumping 46.3% in Southern Ontario and 20.5% in Northern Ontario from the year before.  Based on historical information posted on the Ontario Ministry of Energy site the price per litre of Propane averaged $0.62/litre in 2010 in Southern Ontario and $0.795/litre in Northern Ontario regions.  In the first quarter of 2014, the average propane price in Southern Ontario is $1.042/litre and $1.116/litre in Northern Ontario.

At these prices, a typical family of 4 could average more than $1500.00 per year on water heating costs.  A properly designed solar hot water system can save 50% of the water heating costs providing a simple return on your investment of 10% per year (or more).  Pool owners heating with propane can spend more than this in a single pool season.  A properly sized Enersol Solar Pool heating system can provide up to 100% of your pool heating needs while offering a return on your investment of 20% per year (or more).  When comparing solar hot water or solar pool heating against the potential return on your investment from vehicles, electronics or typical home improvements, you will find solar water heating to provide a very high return on your investment relative to other purchases.

Enerworks Inc. residential solar water heating packages are designed for long service lives with minimal maintenance due to our patents which prevent overheating of the solar glycol and clean the heat exchanger each time hot water is used.  In jurisdictions which required additional safety requirements Enerworks Inc. is also one of the only companies who can supply a double wall heat exchanger certified to CSAF379 for packaged solar water heating.  Enersol Solar Pool heaters have been manufactured in Canada for over 30 years and have one of the longest service lives due to their modular nature and the ability to be repaired if needed.  When you are considering your next building efficiency upgrade, don’t forget to consider solar water heating from Enerworks or solar pool heating from Enersol Solar Heating as a cost effective and reliable retrofit to help keep your home and pool heating costs low.

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