Case Study: Island on Lake Of The Woods, Kenora On Canada



Project Overview:S-Power_Island_on_Lake_Of_The_Woods_installation

This system is installed at a residence in Kenora Ontario Canada. This system uses 3 x 30 (Heat Pipe) S-Power Vacuum Tube Collectors to preheat the domestic hot water, as well as, supplying heat for the space heating system with a boiler as a back-up. This system has a configuration to switch from winter to summer option to maximize performance. The preheated water is stored in an Enerworks Super Solar Combi Tank with upper (space heating) and lower (solar) heat exchange coils. The solar heated water is then feed into the house with an on-demand heater for back-up for cloudy days.

Solar System Components:

 Collectors  3 x S-Power, 30 Tube Heat Pipe Collector
 Peak Output  30,883 BTU (th)/h (9 KW) *
 Pump Station  1 x Caleffi Solar Pump Station
 Solar Tanks  1 Enerworks Super Solar Combi Tank (119USG)
 Lineset  3/4″ Pre-insulated Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

* Peak Output taken from the Enerworks S-Power Solar Keymark certificate.

Rating also available from the Enerworks S-Power SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) cerfificate.

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