Case Study: Maple Lane Dairy Farm Inc., Woodstock, On Canada



Project Overview:Maple_Lane_Dairy_Farm_Inc

This 9-collector system was purchased because it made economic sense and because it was the environmentally responsible thing to do. As in some cases there was no room to place the solar storage tanks, so they were placed in an adjacent room. The system preheats the water to a target temperature of 85°C (185°F) for washing the milking equipment. As well the system is designed to augment heat for the radiant floor heat in the milk house.

Solar System Components:

 Collectors  9 x S-Power, 30 Tube Heat Pipe Collector
 Peak Output  92,650 BTU (th)/h (27.2 KW) *
 Pump Station  1 Paw FloCon Max with external heat exchanger
 Solar Tanks  3 x A.O.Smith 450 Liter (119USG) storage tanks
 Lineset  Copper with closed cell insulation UV protected

* Peak Output taken from the Enerworks S-Power Solar Keymark certificate.

Collectors’ thermal performance rating also available from the Enerworks S-Power SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certificate.

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