Case Study: Miller’s Dairy Heating System, Creemore On Canada

Project Overview:S-Power_Cottage_Heating_System_installation

At Miller’s Dairy they milk about 130 Jersey cows, twice a day. Milk is pumped from the milk tank in the barn, underground to a milk tank in an on-farm milk processing plant. In the plant, they make skim milk, 2% partly skimmed, chocolate milk and various cream products including cream sold to produce ice cream.

Their products are bottled in glass bottles which are returned, cleaned and reused. All this milking equipment in both the barn and milk processing plant takes over 3500 litres of hot water per day.

An 18-collector 30-tube S-Power heat-pipe solar water heating system was installed on the plant along with 3 A.O. Smith hot water storage tanks. Excess hot water from the Milk Plant is pumped underground to the Milk House to 2 Baxi storage tanks used for washing milk tanks, pipelines and milking equipment in the barn.

Solar System Components:

Collectors  18 x S-Power, 30 Tube Heat Pipe Collector
Peak Output  185,300 BTU (th)/h (54 KW) *
Pump Station  1 x Enerworks Pump Station (SET) with heat                  exchanger
Solar Tanks  3 x Storage tanks (457 liters) for the Milk Plant                   2 x storage tanks (800 liters) for the Milkhouse
Lineset  1-1/4” Copper type L w/ brazed connections

* Peak Output taken from the Enerworks S-Power Solar Keymark Certificate.

Rating also available from Enerworks S-Power SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certificate.

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