Case Study: One Old Mill – condominiums, Toronto On Canada



Project Overview:Enerworks_Tridel_One_Old_Mill_installation

This system is installed on a Tridel Built Green 12 storey / 278 unit condominium in the High Park – Swansea, west end of Toronto. Tridel, the progressive condominium designer and their construction arm, Delterra, realize the benefits of heating the domestic hot water with solar energy, creating sustainable green energy for this forward thinking designer and therefore making the award-winning design very attractive to the condominium buyer.

The system uses 30 Enerworks Premier collectors to preheat the domestic hot water and is stored in two (2) A.O. Smith (350 gallons) tanks.  The solar heated water is then fed into the hot water mains and distributed to the tenant units for immediate use.

Solar System Components:

 Collectors  30 x Enerworks Premier collectors (Flatplate)
 Output  1,095,298 BTU (th)/day (321 KW/day) *
 Pump Station  1 x Enerworks Pump Station (SET) with  heat                  exchanger
 Solar Tanks  2 x A.O. Smith Tanks (119 gal.)
 Lineset  1-1/2” Copper type L w/ brazed connections

* Peak output taken from the Enerworks Premier Collector SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certificate.

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