Case Study: Old Salem Dairy, Olar SC United States

Project Overview:S-Power_Old_Salem_Dairy_installation

This system is installed on the new Milking Barn at the Old Salem Dairy Farm in Olar South Carolina. The progressive farm owners realized the benefits of heating the sterilization water with solar energy made economical and environmental sense. The system uses eight 30 Tube S-Power Heat Pipe Collectors to preheat the sterilization water used in the farm’s state of the art carousel milking equipment. The solar heated water is stored in three Enerworks Super Solar Combi Tanks, with upper and lower heat exchange coils, the solar heated water is then feed into electric water tanks and delivered to the sterilization equipment.

Solar System Components:

 Collectors  8 x S-Power, 30 Tube Heat Pipe Collector
Peak Output  82,356 BTU (th)/h (24.1 KW) *
 Pump Station  1 x Pump Station for use with external heat exchanger
 Solar Tanks  3 x Enerworks Super Solar Combi Tanks (119USG)
 Lineset  Pre-insulated Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

* Peak Output taken from the Enerworks S-Power Solar Keymark certificate.

Rating also available from the Enerworks S-Power SRCC (Solar Rating & Certification Corporation) certificate.

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