Case Study: Upscale Home, Tavistock On Canada



Project Overview:Enerworks_S-Power_Upscale_Home_installation

This system provides seasonal pool heating, domestic water heating and space heating for the garage during the winter.  The owners often have friends and family staying with them so the additional hot water storage from the solar system allows for many people to shower without the fear of running out of hot water.  There is enough energy available to heat the domestic hot water and maintain the pool at 83°F and this allows the homeowners and their guests to enjoy the pool without waiting for it to heat up or having to remove a solar cover before swimming.

Solar System Components:

 Collectors  4 x S-Power, 30 Tube Direct Flow Collector
 Peak Output  43,321 BTU (th)/h (12.7 KW) *
 Pump Station  1 x Pump Station with heat exchanger
 Solar Tanks  1 x 120 USG indirect water heater                                     1 x 60 USG buffer tank
 Lineset  Pre-insulated Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing

* Peak Output taken from the Enerworks S-Power Solar Keymark certificate.

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