Movin On Up

Yesterday roughly ten months after EnerWorks moved from Dorchester to Woodstock we decided – more correctly were told – to clean up the remaining boxes of ‘stuff’ that was brought with us in the 21 tractor trailers that moved EnerWorks.  At first it seemed like a daunting task of sifting through papers and objects; placing them into the garbage, recycle or keep piles but as we got going it was bit like a solar time machine.  In amongst the boxes of stuff hoarded from old desks, vendor catalogue and pamphlets from tradeshows were boxes of old reports on heat exchanger efficiency, evaluations of various absorber bonding technologies, micro-flow pumps tests, and letter correspondences sent by post (not email!) some of these reports were older then I am.  These hand written notes and yellowed reports told the story of the beginnings of EnerWorks and we all agreed they were “keepers”

It was a reconfirming experience for the team that sifted through the EnerWorks history, in our new home, that the decades worth of work that has gone into the product, giving us confidence in the bright, strong future we have ahead of us.

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