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Enjoying the Pool This Summer?

I was having a chat with a friend of 20+ years who was telling me his parents (who I”ve also known for 20+ years) had not used their pool much the previous year due to cool weather and were considering purchasing a gas pool heater or heat pump to heat their pool but they were concerned about the high costs … Read More

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Learning from Teaching

This week I had the unique opportunity to visit Fairbanks, Alaska and its surroundings. The official purpose of the visit was to introduce local contractors, architects, home owners and building officials to the benefits of solar heat. In reality I learned just as much, if not more from my audience as they did from me. If you’re asking yourself whether … Read More

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Partner and Customer

On a recent trip to San Diego I had the pleasure of meeting up with the President of Synergy Companies (  His company not only installs enerworks residential solar hot water heaters but he is also a personal customer of enerworks solar water heating.  We were working with Jasen, one of his local technicians, to optimize the energy savings of his system … Read More

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Movin On Up

Yesterday roughly ten months after EnerWorks moved from Dorchester to Woodstock we decided – more correctly were told – to clean up the remaining boxes of ‘stuff’ that was brought with us in the 21 tractor trailers that moved EnerWorks.  At first it seemed like a daunting task of sifting through papers and objects; placing them into the garbage, recycle … Read More

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